Parlez-vous Emoji?

Parlez-Vous Emoji?

You don’t? Time to learn. Studies show that smart use of emojis increases both social media engagement and a sense of personal connection/trust.

Warning: There’s quite a bit of “never use emojis” advice in the blogosphere. Unless you’re writing an academic paper for phD’s, it’s just personal bias. A blogger’s opinion is not a reflection of how most people react to emojis in everyday writing.  

OK, ready to take “Emoji 101?” It adds a powerful engagement-building skill to your social media toolbox. And hey, it’s more fun than learning French.

Let’s “parler emoji!”

A Little Background…


The emoticon is the emoji’s precursor. They are actual text, a combination of characters. For example…

Colon + Dash + Closing Parenthesis  =  


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