How This Sports Scientist Attracts 100K Visitors to His Website

How This Sports Scientist Attracts 100K Visitors to His Website

I had a dream. I dreamt of owning an online business which generates passive income and at the same time enables me to work in the field that I love.

We spoke with Jan Lingen, a young sports scientist specializing in prevention and rehabilitation, about his dream. Jan was unhappy with his university job. He loved his field of work though; he had acquired so much knowledge about pain relief methods that really work.

But how could he use this first-hand experience to help people and earn a living for himself?  Let’s find out.  Follow along as Jan built his own personal success story and don’t miss the 5 key takeaways at the end!

Here we go…

1. Tell us a little about yourself, about your professional background, and how and why you decided to start your online business with SBI!.

In 2012 I was very unhappy with my job at the university, and decided to take a break. I had the dream of owning an online business which generates passive income and at the same time enables me to work in the field that I love, and where I knew I have something to say.

For the previous 8 years I had learned constantly about the human body. It all began back in school where I took sports and English as my major subjects for graduation. Afterwards I signed up at university to study sports science and specialized in the field of prevention and rehabilitation.

Being an over-enthusiastic person, who was always active but never performed any sport on a professional level, I was in pain quite often. Neither the standard studies in university nor doctors were of any help with relieving the pain. So I took up my own studies.

Jan diving in head first (Photo taken by his friend and photographer, Franz Schlegl)

I once overheard a friend talking about self-massage, which I found strange at the time, but still intriguing. Back then I had no money at all and could not afford good body workers, so I thought it would be awesome if I was able to treat myself.

Results came fast, and I kept experimenting a lot. I fell in love with therapy and began to apply all kinds of things, only sticking to those that got results. That was only possible because I was studying for myself and did not care about any “ideologies” in therapy, which are hammered into your brain in lots of training courses. This is horrible. It keeps you blind and numbs your mind.

It took some years until I became really good in treating different types of pain and also understanding the physiology of pain, with its physical and psychological components.

Now let’s go back to 2012: I was very much into personal development. I loved Steve Pavlina’s blog and followed it religiously. Steve taught me a lot and he was the one that recommended SBI! as the tool to use if you wanted to succeed on the Web. It was only because of the trust that Steve Pavlina had built up that I signed up for SBI! (I would have never done it without him). I was sitting in a hotel room in bed late at night and thought, I will just give it a try.

I started my work right away. Luckily I had another 2 months of holidays left. I spent whole days in coffee shops absorbing everything SBI! had to say; I loved it and there was so much to learn. I started to work on my online business and never stopped!

KEYNOTE: We don’t expect visitors to to believe everything that we write about SBI! to be a 100% true. It is, but heck… we’re biased. All we ask is that if you seriously want to take a new fork in the Road of Life, one that leads to self-reliance and spending time on your passion…

Just try it. Do we promise you’ll love it? Nope. There are 2 directions possible…

  1. You’ll realize that this is not for you, for any one of a number of reasons. Most people are looking for an easy way. There is none that works.
  1. Lights will go on and bells will ring. Well, OK, maybe not! But you WILL realize that SBI! Is exactly what you’ve been looking for, an all-in-one system that delivers all you need to focus on one thing only – building your business.

Those who stick with SBI! make up an amazing community who you’ll meet in the SBI!! Forums. They succeed at rates 10x greater than anywhere else. Just try it, no risk.


2. How did you settle upon your niche? How did you know it was the right one?

I just followed the SBI! Action Guide.


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