An Invitation to Join My Productivity Focus Group

One of the most popular topics I write about is productivity. And I hear regularly that people are very interested in a course on how to cut distractions, save time, and get results. I have good news.

focus group

I’ve been hard at work developing my productivity approach over the years. I’ve intentionally refined it down to a simple but systematic framework that can be used by just about anyone looking to get more done without working more hours.

And I’m ready to get your feedback.

When Gail and I go out to eat someplace special, I love getting reservations from the chef’s table. It’s fun to see what’s going on in the kitchen and how our meal is being created.

But imagine being able to go inside the kitchen and have input on the courses as they’re being prepared.

An Invitation

I’m starting a private focus group to check my assumptions and get potential users like you involved in the creation of the course itself. If you’re a high achiever, I’d love your take on:

  • Product concept
  • Course content
  • Title and subtitle
  • Packaging direction
  • And more

Productivity is a core part of my leadership message. It’s a core part of who I am. This focus group represents a singular opportunity to help me shape one of my signature products.

I think of it as an invitation for you to not only come into my kitchen, but provide useful input on the menu itself.

The Opportunity

This group will be limited, but the benefits for joining are significant. Not only will you be able to inform how we build the course, you’ll also receive:

  • Early, discounted access to the beta version of the course
  • A 50 percent discount on the full course
  • The chance to be part of a group of like-minded productivity enthusiasts
  • An opportunity to interact directly with me on productivity: what works, doesn’t work, and why

What’s required? Only that you interact in our private Facebook group and provide honest, timely feedback on elements of the course.

So, how can you join?

Next Step

Follow the link below to a brief application. This will help us select the kind of user who will not only benefit the most from the course but provide us the maximum benefit in building it.

If you’re convinced you’d like to achieve more while still having time for what matters most in life, this could be a natural fit.

Click Here to Apply

Click here for more. Or, better yet, subscribe via email and get my full posts delivered to your inbox. It’s fast, free, and more convenient.


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