How to Strike Out the Competition!


Batter Up!

Have you ever thought about how much time a pitcher spends preparing for a game?

He doesn’t just work on improving his arm, he spends a lot of mental time and energy, too. He studies the batters he’ll be up against. He learns their strengths and their weaknesses. He strategizes and plans.

Now you can take advantage of a free tool to help you strategize and plan for your content-driven business, by learning about the competition you’ll be facing.

It’s the new Competitive Insights tool from SiteSell.

Competitive: useful to a competitor; giving a competitor an advantage ( The tool shows your biggest competitors for your article’s main keyword…

Insights: penetrating mental vision or discernment; faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth ( The tool lets you see into what those competitors are doing.

With your Competitive Insights results, you’ll be able to study the competition, and learn their strengths and their weakness. You’ll be able to show how you’re different, and why readers should do business with you.

When a pitcher has done his homework, he’s able to strike out the opposing batter and get a win for his team.

When you do your homework, you’ll be able to fine tune your message, attract visitors, rank well in search, and show success in your bottom line.

SBI! for WP

Author information

Susanna Perkins

Susanna Perkins is a writer who loves WordPress and travel. After several years in the beautiful Republic of Panama, she’s back in the US (for now). She teaches non-technical people how to use WordPress, and writes about WordPress, expats and portable careers. Recently she’s been working with a small team to create something insanely useful for WordPress users.

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