Personal Freedom Quotes by Everyday Entrepreneurs


In her recent article, my colleague Amy made a bold statement: Entrepreneurship is personal freedom. Living and working out of an RV, attending to clients in the wee hours, going for a run in the early morning when others get ready for work… Amy’s lifestyle incorporates that motto inside out.

It made me curious – how is it for other “everyday entrepreneurs”? Do they feel the same way? So I turned to the 16 people we’ve interviewed in our “Entrepreneur Spotlight” series to find out more.

And guess what? Freedom is the most frequent answer to the questions “What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?” and “Has your life changed since you started your online business?.”

Personal Freedom Quote by Stephanie and Tobias Locsei at

Stephanie and Tobias Locsei,

Personal Freedom Quote by David Ralph at

David Ralph,

Personal Freedom Quote by Patty "Sassy" Knutson at

Patty “Sassy” Knutson,

Personal Freedom Quote by Rachel Bruner at

Rachel Bruner,

Personal Freedom Quote by Nancy Ulrich at

Nancy Ulrich,

Personal Freedom Quote by Suzanne Vennard at

Suzanne Vennard, Personal Freedom Quote by Milly Frances and Paula Fitzpatrick at Frances and Paula Fitzpatrick,

Personal Freedom Quote by Alison Andrews at

Alison Andrews,

Personal Freedom Quote by Elly Prior at

Elly Prior,

Personal Freedom Quote by Svetlana Rubejov at

Svetlana Rubejov,

Personal Freedom Quote by Darlene Abarquez at

Darlene Abarquez,

Personal Freedom Quote by Cheryl Hatch at

Cheryl Hatch,

Personal Freedom Quote by Maria Jane at

Maria Jane,

Personal Freedom Quote by Judith Ramsey at

Judith Ramsey,

Personal Freedom Quote by John Shank at

John Shank,

Personal Freedom Quote by Antoinette Sawyer at

Antoinette Sawyer,

There you have it. 16 personal freedom quotes from everyday people like you and me, who followed their dream of doing what they love, when and wherever they choose.

Which of the quotes is your favorite, and why? Please let us know in a comment.

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