Why Kevin McHale doesnt know basketball

Let me get this straight. The Minnesota Timberwolves have an inconsistent team, so they fire their coach, Duane Casey. This is a team put together by Kevin McHale.

The reason the Wolves are inconsistant is because they are a bunch of misaligned parts, never quite meshing into a cohesive, well oiled unit. Basketball is a game that requires team chemestry. Throw in an odd-ball or some one with a loose screw, and the entire team can come crashing down. With the exception of drafting Kevin Garnett in 1996, Kevin McHale hasn’t done anything productive to help the team build that much needed cohesiveness.

Don’t get me wrong, McHale was a great basketball player. He just doesn’t know when to step aside as a GM and admit his mistakes. Between the Joe Smith salary cap fiasco, trading fan favorite Wally Szczerbiak, and firing Flip Saunders, I just can’t get excited to watch the TimberPuppies anymore.

Until the team that McHale has put together can perform as a team instead of a bunch of mashed together parts, a .500 season is about what can be expected, no matter the coach he puts on the floor.

I think the time has come for Kevin McHale to step aside and let someone else run the show. If he waits too long, there won’t be too many of the 16,000 T-Puppy fans left to care.


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